Monday, September 6, 2010

Lake Powell Part 1

My camera died about 3 days into our trip so I have to go steal some of Kevin and Julie's pics, but here are the cutest pictures that I got...
This was so funny. Tyson was not in the mood to be on the boat or something and everytime
Grandpa would start the motor, Tyson would cover his ears. And notice his battle wound on his cheek. He had a run in with the carpet about 20 minutes after we finally made it to Lake Powell.
And the arriving is a whole story in itself. Skylar had to drop off a garbage truck (yes a garbage truck), in Moab, on our way to LP. So Connor and he jumped in the truck and bounced all the way to Moab. We dropped it off and then went to eat. At the restaurant, we asked the waiter what was the best way to LP and he gave us two options. One was quicker and one was more scenic. Of course we took the scenic route. Little did we know it was the MUCH longer route. It ended up taking us 11 hours (yes thats right 11 hours) to finally get to LP. The kids were troopers. They only complained a little. Althought I don't know if Connor would make that trip with us again:)

This is Lindsay and Braylee at our annual Luau. Lindsay came with her dad, who is Michelle's friend. Braylee followed her everywhere. Are they cute or what?

This is Grandpa's new toy, the EZ ski! Braylee is still quite freaked out about skiing, so this was major progress for her to even get on it. We did end up pulling her in a little circle with the boat, but she didn't like that so much. Maybe next year!

Connor's first time up on a slolam ski! He popped right up on his second try. I think it took me an entire summer of Dave Harris pulling Krista and me around to finally get it! Not fair.

And this is the biggest fish that was caught at Lake Powell, and Connor's biggest fish ever!
More to come on Lake Powell as soon as I get around to getting the pics off the Dyreng's computer. We took family pictures on the rocks at LP, so get excited to see those!

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