Monday, September 13, 2010


We headed to Idaho for Labor Day. The kids had a blast, and so did we. It was really nice to have some cooler weather. I was loving the sweat shirts.

Must explain: Skylar taught Braylee how to stand on her head against the wall (which I failed to get a picture of), and Tyson wanted to join in the fun. So, Braylee would take a turn and stand on her head and then Tyson would run over to the wall and just stand there with the biggest grin until we all applauded for him. Love Him!!!

Grandma Renee bought a princess chair for Braylee to have up at Lava and guess who wouldn't let anyone else sit in it?:)

Tyson was exhausted after a long day of playing so Sky took him on a ride. It takes talent to drive a 4-wheeler with one hand!

Thanks Grandma's and Grandpa's we all had a great time!

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Brock and Whitnie said...

Cute kids! Love tysons fro in the pic where He's standing next to braylee. Hilarious:)