Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Boatin' Experts!

Braylee's first time on the knee board!

Tyson has his reserved spot in front of the passenger seat on the boat. As soon as the boat starts up he goes right to sleep. Braylee, on the other hand, would drive all the time if mommy would let her. She loves the boat and is so excited to learn how the ski when she is a "big, big girl!"

Daddy's Little Boys!!

We just returned from yet another trip to Lake Powell! We took Krista and Aaron with us this time! We had such a great time. We had great weather while it apparently rained here the whole time we were gone. We spent a lot of time getting Tyson and Gavin acquainted since they are going to be best friends as soon as both of them can walk! We put Braylee on the tube with us. She just thought that was so great. She learned all of the boating hand lingo. She kept telling grandpa Kevin to go faster, or in Braylee's words "higher Grandpa, higher"!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tyson's Blessing

We blessed little Tyson on May 3rd 2009. His daddy did an awesome job on his blessing. We are so grateful that he is worthy to do that. It could have been a little bit warmer for our picnic at the park, but at least it didn't rain on us! Thanks to all those who came and supported us on Tyson's special day!

Our Quick Trip to Lake Powell

We took Cole and Ashley to lake powell with us for a quick weekend trip. We had a blast. Ashley learned how to slalom ski in 53 degree water! What a trooper. As you can see Skylar and Cole dug a giant hole that was about nine feet deep. They had to build stairs to get out of it. This was Tysons first trip to Lake Powell and he was bundled up like that the whole trip cause it wasn't exactly warm. Skylar and his dad bought a bouy course and set it up right next to the house boat. It was quite an experience. I tried it and made it around a whoppin' 1 bouy!