Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Daddy's Little Boys!!

We just returned from yet another trip to Lake Powell! We took Krista and Aaron with us this time! We had such a great time. We had great weather while it apparently rained here the whole time we were gone. We spent a lot of time getting Tyson and Gavin acquainted since they are going to be best friends as soon as both of them can walk! We put Braylee on the tube with us. She just thought that was so great. She learned all of the boating hand lingo. She kept telling grandpa Kevin to go faster, or in Braylee's words "higher Grandpa, higher"!


Krista and Aaron said...

Can we go back soon? :) That trip was so much fun! Thanks so much for inviting us, we loved every second.

Alison said...

Does Skylar know how cute you are? He has a hot wife.