Monday, September 28, 2009

Mile Stone #6: He Finally Loves His Bed!

Tyce has been a crappy sleeper since he was born, but I have finally finished that hurtle! He is actually sleeping for at least 9 hours straight at night! Yeah!! Lets just say mom is much happier during the day now!

New PJ's

Grandma Julie and Grandpa Kevin bought Braylee some new jammies! She loves them. She woke up the next morning and said, "Mommy these are the best snuggie jammies I ever had!" If you can tell, they have pastries on them. And if you know Braylee at all, you know how much she love cupcakes and doughnuts with sprinkles. Good job Kevin and Julie!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Mile Stone #5: Two More Teeth!

Mile Stone #4: Crawling

Tyce isn't quite crawling yet but he gets up on his hands and feet and pushes himself forward. He is so close and gets so frustrated when he can't get to the toy he wants (usually that toy is the remote)!

Utah State Fair

We went to the fair on friday with the Dyrengs. Braylee had a blast. We went through the cutest little kid farm. The kids got a bucket and then they collected seeds to plant. They had to water their seeds, and then pick the veggie they grew. Then they had to sell them for pretend money. The last part was a store where they got to buy something with the money they earned. Braylee, of course, bought Cheetos!

Swinging With Grandpa Matt

Grandpa can't get enough of Braylee. They had so much fun swinging at the park on Sunday!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kenzi's Getting Married!

We took Kenzi's Bridals a couple weeks ago. She looks absolutely goregious! We can't wait for the wedding and are so excited for Luke to officially be apart of our family.

Braylee Got a Hold of My Camera

Little Chef

Braylee loves to help anyone and everyone cook, so Grandma Julie bought her the cutest chef outfit. She loves it!