Sunday, September 26, 2010


This year we decided it would be fun to get season tickets to the BYU games. I know what you are all thinking...we too know that they have only won one game this year, but we still love 'em!!!! Hopefully after Jake Heaps figures his game out they will be unstoppable. We have 8 tickets between the two families, so there is never a dull moment (mostly with the people sitting around us. Why a grown man would feel the need to wear wool socks in 90 degree weather, and then take is shoes off right next to me, I will never know!)

Have you ever seen a cuter cheer leader? She totally wants to be one of the BYU cheerleaders when she grows up, if she doesn't make it into the band first! At the end of the game we found the band playing in the street and she was amazed! The video at the end of this post is of her dancing to the BYU Band.

We're teachin' him early which team to cheer for!

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Jordan and Heather Humbert said...

Of course she was dancing. It was the drumline...pretty much the coolest people I know.