Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Overload!

I haven't updated in quite a while so here an overload of all of our Halloween activities! Enjoy!
Pumpkin patch with Grandma Stephie (Sorry Grandma we didn't get you in any pictures)

Braylee had a Halloween party at preschool. They ate pumpkin pancakes, painted faces and went trick or treating. She had a blast.

Halloween party with the Dyreng's

We went as the "Black Eyed P's" if you couldn't tell:)

Grandma Julie gave each of the kids a pumpkin to paint, but Tyson was having too much fun throwing it to care about the painting.

Michelle was Cher! Look at those boots:)

Kevin was a pirate and Julie was his treasure!

"Too much sugar mommy!!!"

Here is sweet baby Daxton for all of you who have not met him!

Can you believe my husband! I wouldn't even know where to begin carving something like this and he just prints off a picture and goes to town. He is totally in love with the new Ford Raptor and it is the highest priority on his wish list. Someday, it will be his:)


I was totally amazed how long Tyson left the costume on his head!

We tried to dye Braylee's hair black, it was super cute until we stepped foot outside into the buckets of rain that were being dumped all over the trick-or-treaters!

We did a Trunk-or-Treat with our neighbors. Don't you love our trunk! It had a strobe light and all! Mental note for next year...there are way more that 150 kids, bring more candy!!!!

After the Trunk-or-Treat we went trick-or-treating with our neighbors. This is one of Braylee's favorite people, Ashlyn. Ashlyn was dressed up light Daphnie from Scoobie Doo. She looked just like her. They were so cute holding hands everywhere they went! It was a nice set up, Tanya and I followed in the car with the babies while Ben and Skylar took the older kids around the neighborhood!

Then our last stop was Grandma and Grandpa Harris'
I got 2 good pics at their house cause the kids were so NOT happy by this point in the evening. They were exhausted, but we had yummy chili, bread sticks and pumpkin pie! I think its safe to say Halloween was a success:) Hope you didn't get bored with the excess amount of pictures!


Aimee said...

didn't get bored with the pictures. you're kids are adorable.

The Razzle Dazzle Family said...

What a fun halloween you had. Your guys costume the "black eye peas" that was good.
Loved your trunk for your trunk-or-treating!
Your kids look darling in their halloween costumes!

Kevin and Julie said...

Awesome Pictures. It was fun to see the pics of trunk or treat. You guys are such great parents. Thanks for sharing!