Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lake Powell

Have you ever seen anything cuter? Grandpa Kevin bought her her very own wet suit. I think she wore it the almost the whole time we were there. At one point it was cover inside and out with sand.

Once Tyson discovered the sand, he did not want to get out. And it was not a fun project getting all of the sand out of his hair and his diaper!

Isn't he amazing? And look at that water! People are nuts not to go down in the spring. There was no one there so the water was awesome for 4 days it was 80 degrees the whole time! There is no need to post a picture of me water skiing cause after you have seen that...I don't look so good:)

The Kayaks (aka the chippas to Michelle!)
I rode around with Tyson in mine for about an hour until he fell asleep. He loved it.

We have been asking Braylee for two years now if she wants to water ski and she keep telling us she will when she turns 5 and Cole comes home. But when Grandpa showed up with a wet suit for her she all of a sudden decided that she was ready. There are no pics of her actually skiing on the water because...well lets just say it didn't end well, but she was a brave girl and did so good! We are so proud of our little skier:)

This video was so cute I had to show it off. Listen to his laugh!

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Tara Shirley said...

Man those kids are cute! And in that wet suite?!?! Kills me!