Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Fun!

"Grandma Stephie" had Braylee over to color Easter eggs last week! Braylee had so much fun. She made a green one for Tyson that had his name on it, a blue BYU for daddy and a pink one with flower on it for me. She got a little carried away while dipping the eggs and spilled the blue die on grandma's chair. (Sorry Grandma)

Making rice krispie treats

Grandma let Braylee decorate the egg shaped treats all by herself. The top left one is for daddy cause she knows how much he loves blue :)

Thanks Grandma!

Finding her basket in the morning. She found Tyson's first!

Tyson found the candy!

Braylee waiting patiently, and trying not to peek, at Grandma Julie's while daddy and grandpa Kevin hid the Easter eggs.

Braylee and Emily. I really wish she lived closer so they could play more often.


Lindsey said...

CUTE!!! I am having a hard time figuring out who had more fun; Grandma or Braylee.

Kevin and Julie said...

Braylee sure loves her Grandma Stephie. That's all she could talk about on easter is about how much fun she had making easter eggs with you. It's great to know she has grandmothers who love her so much:)