Monday, March 29, 2010


We took Braylee skiing for the first time this weekend! She did awesome!

And of course we couldn't forget Tyson. He came too. We took turns watching him at the lodge.

On our way up the mountain, Braylee kept asking where we were going skiing. We told her we were going to the top of the mountain. When we got there, she was very disappointed that we weren't at the very top of the mountain, so what did we do? We took her to the top of the mountain! And she loved it:) She skied between Skylar's legs most of the time, and giggled all the way down the mountain.

The ski lift

Braylee found a friend at the bottom of the hill while we were eating lunch. They were both hot and decided to take off their coats and they were wearing the same Adidas sweat outfit! They were so excited! Their moms both have good taste:)


Braylee couldn't stop laughing after they fell. It was hysterical!


Luke and Kenz said...

Oh my gosh, she did so good!! Love that you started posting videos. I need to figure that out :)

Mandy Cox said...

That is awesome that she can ski! Your kids are so cute! I'm glad that Tyson is starting to walk around... I'm really hoping the someday Connor will walk on his own!! He will only use a walker right now.