Sunday, February 7, 2010

I Can't Believe He's One!

Sorry the pics are not in order(I was too lazy to fix them!)
This was where we found Braylee while everyone else was chatting. I think she ate half of the cake!

Tyson was pretty funny with his cake. Braylee destroyed her cake when she turned one. Tyson on the other hand took about five minutes to even touch the cake. I had to cut in open for him then he took a few bits and wanted nothing more to do with it!

A close up of his cake!

I made party hats for the whole party clan! It was quite a task to keep Braylee away from them before the party started and even bigger task to keep Tyson's hat on!

I also made these fun decorations out of styrofoam balls and tissue paper(which took way too long)!

This is the cake I made for everyone else to eat. Isn't it cute?!!

Tyson was more interested in the cupcakes than blowing out the candle, so we let Braylee help!

Opening presents

And last but definitely not least...Baby Cohen and his party hat! It doesn't get much cuter than that! Thanks family for coming to celebrate T-man's big day, and thanks for all the gifts. He was spoiled!


Mandy Cox said...

He is so cute! Hope he had a fun birthday. That cake is awesome! How did you do that???

The Razzle Dazzle Family said...

Happy Birthday Tyson. I can't believe he is one already. Kylee you are amazing from the hats to the cakes. Everything looked SO cute!!!

Jordan and Heather Humbert said...

Happy Birthday tyson! What a cute little family you have!

Krista and Aaron said...

Aww I cant believe how fast that year went by! Everything looks adorable.