Monday, July 20, 2009

Gorgious George!

We went to the George Straight concert on Friday for my Dad's 50th birthday! We sat out on the grass at USANA! We had a great time. However, there were a bunch of hicks there that got more crazy as they consumed more alcohol! Cole We missed you! We'll have to go again when you get home!

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C and C said...

Hey Kylee! Ok this may be weird, but we went to high school together. This is Crystalyn Hori. I keep my tabs on Davis High alumni blog or whatever it's called and notice some new entries! Anyway, hope you don't mind I stopped by your blog. I can't believe how gorgeous your family is!! I have a blog as well but it's really quite boring... but here's the address anyway just so you don't think I'm totally weirdo.