Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Five Months Old!

Yes he is now five months old! Wow the time has gone fast. At his last Dr. appointment two weeks ago he was 15.1 lbs and 26 in. long. He is now in the 77% for his height and 45% for his weight. He's taking after his daddy! He has been such a joy in our little family. We can't imagine life without our little guy now. (If he would start sleeping through the night, life would be perfect)


The Razzle Dazzle Family said...

Kylee your kids are SO dang cute. It was so good to see you guys and get to hang out.
Isn't that splash pad in South Ogden great. I love when you don't have to pay for something

Mandy Cox said...

Your kids are so cute!!! I love all of your pictures. It looks like you guys are having a really fun summer!