Thursday, June 2, 2011

Braylee's 5!

Braylee's Birthday was on May 10th, and I can't believe she is five!   She is such a sweet addition to our family.  She is almost done with preschool and on to bigger things as a Kindergartner.  Some of her favortie things to do include: playing dress ups with her friends, preschool and miss Cynthia, anything princess, movies, chalk, & most the time Tyson!  She is on the 60% for height and 54% for her weight, and she was so brave when she got her last 4 shots!  She loves to learn and although she does love candy she is constantly asking me which foods are healthy and which ones are not.  She had the never ending birthday this year.  We opened presents on her birthday and went to Build-A-Bear to pick out a new out fit for her bear.  Then we had the family over for cake, ice cream and more presents.  Then on the weekend of the 21st we had a birthday party with her friends.  It was a month of Birthday surprises and boy did she get spoiled!

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Brock and Whitnie said...

Love her! Her party looks like it was a success:)