Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter Fun

 I'm not used to this new uploading process so all my picture are backwards, but you get the idea!  We had such a great Easter.  These are pictures at my parents house.  They went all out this year!  The grand kids had their own egg hunt in the living room and there was one golden egg, which the winner of got to turn in for a prize.  Of course Braylee didn't have much competition with the two little boys that didn't really know what was going on!  She was ecstatic when she found it!  Notice Grandpa's fore head in the picture above...Braylee got a Easter egg full of fairy tattoos from Grandma Trudy and by the end of night everyone had several tattoos on:)

 This is the prize she got for the Golden Egg.

 This is her right after she found it.  I should have taken a picture of the boys Easter baskets.  They both got a Minky blanket (which we are totally obsessed with lately, and if you haven't felt one is a must!), and also a basket full of goodies.  Braylee also got a basket full of goodies from Grandma Stephie.  They also did an adult Easter egg hunt which there are no pictures of because I was participating in this extreme hunt.  There was $250 in 63 eggs!  We each got to find 9 eggs that were taped shut so we could cheat and put it back if it only had $1 bill in it:)  We ended up with about 60 bucks!  Thanks MOM and DAD we had a great time.  We love you!!!  

Easter Morning at our House

 Braylee woke up at about 7 and we had wake Tyson up.  The Easter bunny definitely found us this year.  There were eggs everywhere!  The Easter bunny hides the kids baskets.  Braylee found Tyson's right away, and Tyson couldn't have been less interested.  He knew there was candy in the eggs so he found a couple, sat on the floor, and dug right in!

 Braylee got "Tangled" & Tyson got "Cars"

Ward Easter Egg Hunt

 Since I am in the primary presidency I had to help with the ward Easter Egg hunt, which turned out great!  We hid 1,066 eggs!!(Well, sprinkled on the grass cause we were totally out of places to hide them:)

 Braylee and Jilyan

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