Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Santa Even Found Me and Sky!

(This was supposed to go after the next post, but apparently I am still a blog dummy)!
The Scrapbox!!!!
I think this confirms that I have the BEST husband EVER!!! I have been telling him for like 5 years how bad I want this cabinet to store all of my scrapbook and craft supplies in! I opened up a present on Christmas morning that had a bunch of scrapbook supplies in it, along with a picture of Skylar's truck. I ran out to the garage to find this with a big red bow on it! Needless to say, I was shocked!
And this is the inside with all my junk organized!

We both happen to do a little surprising this year! Skylar has been wanting a tool box for the back of his truck, so I met his buddy at the truck box shop and he hooked me up! I thought I had the ultimate surprise for him, but I have decided it is impossible to keep anything from Skylar. He had to run to his parents on Christmas Eve to give his mom a project that he was helping her with, and little did I know he was going to get my present. So I thought what a perfect opportunity to have my dad bring the tool box and put it on the deck. Well, just my luck they passed each other and Skylar called my dad to see what the heck he was doing @ 12:30pm on Christmas Eve. Sorry dad, your just not a very good liar! He knew something was up, but at least he didn't know what:)


Krista and Aaron said...

Lucky you!!!

Jason and McCall Erickson said...

Oh what a nice Hubby you have!

Rachael said...

OH WOW! I've never felt this pure envy feeling before! It's just gorgeous!

The Razzle Dazzle Family said...

What a fun holiday you had. What a sweet husband you have to suprise you like that. And you are sweet to suprise him too!