Tuesday, June 1, 2010

California: Day 5!

Braylee wanted to go on just about every ride she saw. It's a good thing we took the picture of us on the Tea Cups before the ride...my stomach didn't like that one! The picture of Sky and Braylee is on the Matterhorn! Yes, the Matterhorn! She loved it! She also went on Space Mountain and loved it. She's crazy! Disneyland has got it all figured out. They give you these child passes so you only have to stand in line once. One of us would go with Braylee and the other would stay with Tyson. Then we would switch and go to the front of the line. So Braylee got to go on all the rides twice!
The Princess Fair!

This is new since the last time we went to Disneyland. You can wait in line to see the princesses so you don't have to track them down all over the park. They have three in there at a time and they rotate all day long. You can see the excitement on her face!

Captain E O is back!!!! (Of course that was Braylee's favorite ride because it featured Michael Jackson)

We bought Tyson these new PJ's at Disneyland. Do you recognize them from Toy Story?

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