Sunday, December 13, 2009

Breakfast With Santa!!

We had breakfast with Santa at the Davis Conference Center on Saturday. As you can see, Braylee still didn't want to see Santa this year. She was screaming her head off, and had a death grip around my neck. I didn't get a picture of them but she was scared to death of the Grinch and the REAL SL mascot too!! Every time any of them came near our table she would slowing slide off her chair and hide under the table.

Tyson, on the other hand was staring at him intently and playing with his beard. Santa almost didn't give him back!

Grandma with ALL the grand kids (for four more weeks)!

They got to decorate gingerbread cookies, which is Braylee's favorite thing! She loves anything with sprinkles. There was a mound of sprinkles on her cookie that I had to dump on the table. We had a lot of fun. Thanks Whit!

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Jason and McCall Erickson said...

Looks like fun! your family is adorable!