Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mile Stone #7: Sitting up and Cherrios!

Tyce is sitting up by himself now! Yeah (and yes that is slobber on the front of his shirt)! I didn't know it was possible for so much liquid to come out of something so small. Tyson is also eight months old today. Wow I can't believe it. Time goes way too fast. And he only has to wait three more months until he has his first cousin! We're so excited for baby Cohen.


The Razzle Dazzle Family said...

Cute kids Kylee. That is exciting that Tyson is sitting up all by himself.
We have great taste Kylee, we have the same outfit for Bridger that Tyson has one (the soccer one) and Sammi had those same pj's that Braylee has on below. By the way love the boots with her pj's : )
I can't believe Whitney already has 3 months left, so exciting.

cruw kevin said...

Yay that is so much fun......doesn't the slobber thing make you crazy it makes me crazy every outfit has to go with a bib. blah.. Congrats tyson on the cherrios.

Lindsey said...

Your kids are so cute. Do they ever get upset? Every time I see them, they always have the biggest smiles on their faces. :)

Brock and Whitnie said...

Hahaha he is so cute! I love that he sits all by himself. I can't wait for Cohen and Tyson to be besties:)