Sunday, August 9, 2009

Call's Fort Tournament

Tyson just chillin' watching the skiers!

Here is Skylar skiing in the Call's Fort Water Ski Tournament! He broke his foot about 5 weeks ago while he was practicing for this tournament. He wore a cast for three and half weeks. He got sick of it so he took it off early. His first time practicing for this tournament was the day before. He wasn't going to ski in it cause his foot is still not fully healed, but he did REALLY well on his practice run. His personal best on the buoy course is 4 balls at 32 miles an hour. In this tournament he got 3 balls at 32 miles an hour, with a broken foot! He was so excited and we couldn't believe he did that well with a broken foot! Way-to-go Skye!

This is Kevin skiing in the Tournament. He got his personal best on this ski run. He got buoy #'s 1,2,3,4 & 6 @28 miles an hour! He should have won 1st place in his division but they messed up on his score. Dang judges!

Braylee had so much fun "baking" in the sand. She brought me this "cake" with one candle in it. She kept squatting in the water and getting her bum wet, so all day long it looked like she wet her pants. Ha Ha Ha

Tyson and Mommy all bundled up! The weather was so crazy. We were hot, and then cold and then hot again. The blankets and umbrellas definitely came in handy.

Braylee trying to water ski behind a tree!

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Jason and McCall Erickson said...

Seriously your kids are so cute!! Its been fun seeing you at the showers!! We really all need to go to lunch!